Ocean of subconscious

In every person, there is their underwater world.

The world of the subconscious.

Our brain carefully hides from us painful memories that shaped us once, presents as safe what is actually destructive. If one doesn’t surface into awareness and work on oneself, they can sink into the abyss and live their whole life underwater.

This collection is created to motivate you to finally start breathing deeply. To begin understanding yourself and your subconscious, just as I started doing a year ago. I had no idea how much pain and conditioning I had buried within myself. Through therapy, I am slowly but surely surfacing into my consciousness.

These photos are not staged; they reflect the raw experience undergone to capture them, embodying the idea behind their creation. For the first time in my life, I submerged underwater so deeply without breathing to take these shots.

By Tasha Volodina

By Tasha

This collection is available to buy as NFT art on Exchange Art