Bryony Shearmur 


I am a multi-media visual artist, with photography being my first love.

I first picked up a camera when I was eleven years old, a beautiful Nikon FM2  that I still use.

Photography was always a natural thing to do, exploring the world this way was instinct. Composition, color and capturing the soul of my surroundings was intuitive. 

London-born but LA-based I have been taking photographs of Los Angeles since the moment I landed.

This place where a Porsche gets lazy in the sun and a girl does whippets on the bus. This place where the competition is fierce but the pace is slow. 

LA seduced me, and so I joined the long line of admirers, throwing down with other creatives in a bid to win her approval, only ever managing to scratch the surface.

When I started Hollywoodland I was looking for an antidote, a creative outlet with no rules, shoulds, or have-tos. I wanted to produce images that felt honest, and didn’t cater to anything or anyone. In short, I wanted to use my own voice.

That was 20 years ago and to this day I have been photographing LA  every day.

It has grown into a huge body of work, a portrait of the city in all her guises.

This is part of that portrait.

This is Hollywoodland: The Venice Chapter.

Shot on medium format film.

Prints available upon request.

Current Exhibit



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