Over the course of nearly two years, I dedicated myself to this collection, immersing myself in the lives of these individuals. What struck me the most was their undeniable kindness and their longing for consideration. All they needed was someone to listen, to lend them an ear. In my encounters with these people, their stories touched me profoundly. I discovered that behind their current circumstances, they were once living a good life, holding steady jobs. However, a specific event or an unfortunate situation had stripped them of everything they held dear.

To capture the essence of these individuals, I always carried a black background with me. Through their eyes and hands, I aimed to convey their emotions and invite viewers to feel a connection to these powerful images. What resonated with me the most was the overwhelming generosity of these individuals. Despite their own hardships, they accepted my help with great difficulty. In these moments of communication, I realized that their past lives and present struggles were much more complex than what met the eye.

By Ebrahim Elmi 

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