Faces from a Shift in the Coal Mine

By Yavuz Sariyildiz

Story of Heroes: Their feet never go backwards, but the miners move as slowly as possible. The last cigarette before the descent is smoked slowly, sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied by faint conversations.

The doors of the first shaft lift, which descends 485 meters, open and close several times with a jingling sound, but the miner is silent.

The journey into the deep darkness begins with the words “Good luck”. But for some, the journey isn’t over yet, they must go deep down into an indescribable darkness. They mine coal in thin and long tunnels called “foot”, up to 3 meters wide at 560 meters below ground level. A coal mine is created by writing a heroic story in these tunnels.

Meals in the mine are shared between 3-5 miners. Whatever is brought from home is laid on the table and then the work continues.

You should see the miners at the end of the shift, there is no trace of the calm they showed on the way down, they want to go up as quickly as to smoke and then take a bath.

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