Fortified Against All Destructive Influences

This collection of images is inspired by a sermon given by former LDS prophet Spencer W. Kimball titled “Fortify Your Homes Against Evil” from April of 1969. I was born a 5th-generation Latter-day Saint (commonly known as Mormon) and I am the first person in generations of my family to denounce this belief system. Mormonism was my whole life, for so many years. You will find that my art typically has some sort of religious entaglement woven within.

For this project, I collaborated with my favorite ExMormon comedy duo, Samantha Shelly & Tanner Gilliland. They are commonly known in the ExMormon community as “Zelph On The Shelf,” with over 40k subscribers on YouTube. I thought they would be the perfect talent to depict demons residing in a typical Mormon-looking suburban household, and they delivered.

**If you want to dive deeper into the inspiration for this project, I would encourage you to read the sermon given by the Mormon prophet mentioned previously.

Special FX make up by Brittany Troche

By Stacie A Buhler

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