By Lalo Sandoval

This collection, inspired by Wong Kar-wai’s film “In the Mood for Love” and the work of cinematographer Christopher Doyle, celebrates their masterful use of lighting to create mood and atmosphere. Wong Kar-wai’s skillful manipulation of color plays a key role in setting the tone, in most of his film particularly this one, which I admire.

In the film, the director and cinematographer, cleverly utilize natural light to make scenes feel authentic, and practical lights to emphasize important details. The beautiful warm hues in the color grading evoke a romantic and nostalgic ambiance, enriching the storytelling. I notices as well, how selective focus is used to enhance intimacy and intensify the narrative. Through this collection, featuring Dani as my muse, I pay homage to the captivating aesthetics of the film which still inspires me every time I sit down to watch it.

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