My art is always about freedom — it’s my main value in life. 

While I may not boast decades of experience, I do possess a clear vision and enough passion to propel me forward towards my goals.

Nude photography, for me, is a way to be honest with myself and with society. I can’t deny its provocative and erotic nature, but it’s also emotional, passionate, and tasteful. For me, it’s not enough to showcase just the beautiful body; I want to reveal the truth and essence of the person in the frame. I love playing with lines and curves, experimenting with light and location. You’ll rarely find me in a cozy studio; I’m always outdoors, improvising, and playing. I’m very picky in selecting models and themes for my photoshoots because I know exactly what influences my results and what I want to see in the frame.

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Her Ocean of subconscious NFT collection is on Exchange.Art

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