Harvey Jones

In addition to being a photographer, I have a portfolio of other interests including being a social campaigner (abolition of modern slavery, climate change), psychologist and other things. I have worked globally & travelled extensively & my work has led to me becoming a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. All these dimensions of my life, and more, inform my photographic work. My images have featured in galleries on both sides of the Atlantic & are held in private collections. I’ve also been shortlisted for the British Photography Awards.

Photography for me is both the transient and the permanent, the hope and the despair, the wonderful and the putrid but never the mundane or beige. Not something that spoon feeds but instead engages, challenges, penetrates. Acting as a conduit for the viewer to take their own visual, philosophical & narrative journey. Occasionally occupying the hinterland beyond conventional definitions but always appealing at a visceral level. Images that are ethereal and elusive and yet seek you out to embrace and enrich you and very often tease you. Tantalisingly so. Photography for me is a dynamic art form & I constantly strive to challenge accepted ideas by using innovative techniques to tease out exciting visual and narrative dimensions.