Harvey Jones


Photography for me is both the transient and the permanent, the hope and the despair, the wonderful and the putrid but never the mundane or beige. Not something that spoon feeds but instead engages, challenges, penetrates.

Images that are ethereal and elusive and yet seek you out to embrace you and enrich you and very often tease you. Tantalisingly so. Captivating angles, shadows, forms, lines, contrasts, lights and especially the spaces between them. And the stories they communicate. 

That’s the ethos behind the Concrete Aesthetic collection. It’s intended to communicate a visual narrative that enables the viewer to formulate their own stories and make them want to revisit the images time and time again. 

Alongside photography I have done many things including being a psychologist.  

In addition, I am also involved in the abolition of modern slavery, several environmental initiatives, ambassador to a music charity and trustee of a charitable trust. 

I am passionate about Brutalist Architecture, minimalism and exploring photographic innovation. 

I have worked globally and travelled extensively during which time I have experienced rich cultures, extreme landscapes and met some wonderful people.

All the above, and more, serve as a nutritious source of influence, some conscious others at a subliminal level. Either way, all inform my work. 

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