Motion nO.5


Continuing my dynamic concept of ‘Motion,’ my journey takes an intriguing turn with Motion no. 5. Delving into the realm of imperfection created using a digital camera, this particular venture unfolds through the lens of an iPhone using a third-party camera app. As the raindrops cascade down a train window on a night or bad weather, the resulting snapshots encapsulate a raw and unfiltered essence.

Embracing the authenticity of the moment, these photographs stand un encumbered by any post-production alterations. The very essence of Motion no. 5 lies in its unadulterated spontaneity, capturing the raindrops and the transient play of light through the train window. This visual narrative unfolds without the embellishments of digital manipulation, allowing the inherent imperfections to contribute to the genuine beauty of the scene.

Through this experiment, I seek to challenge conventional notions of photographic perfection, choosing instead to celebrate the unique charm that arises from the amalgamation of a less-than-perfect digital camera, the iPhone, and the unpredictable ambiance of a rainy night. Motion no. 5 beckons the viewer to embrace the beauty in imperfections, to appreciate the authenticity of the moment frozen in each frame, unaltered and unapologetically genuine.

By David Levine




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