Sofiia Ruban


Sofia is a visual artist and photographer. She was born in a small town in Ukraine but has lived her entire conscious life in the heart of the cultural capital, St. Petersburg.Since childhood, Sofia has been captivated by the glimmers of light and shadows, reflections, and the majestic harmony of the surrounding world. Following her muse of inspiration, she pursued design education at university and developed a deep love for photography, which became her true calling.

Over time, her camera lenses have reflected not only the beauty of the surrounding world but also the magnificence of the architecture of the human body. In these forms and lines, Sofia saw something more – her aesthetics, her art. This theme has become an integral part of her creative work.
Today, Sofia Ruban explores the delicate boundary between objectifying the body and admiring its classical beauty. She seeks magnificence in both the athletic ideal and in embracing natural imperfections.
Her photographs are skilful attempts to reveal the inner beauty, sincerity, and uniqueness of every moment captured through the camera lens.”

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