The Beach

Bundled up against the biting chill of a January morning, I ventured down to the beach, where the frigid air seemed to seep into every crevice. Despite the dreary grey sky and bone-chilling -2°C temperature, the shoreline buzzed with unexpected activity, a stark contrast to the desolate winter landscape. Determined to capture the serene beauty of the scene, I carefully framed my shots, aiming to omit as many people as possible from the frame, preferring the solitude of the shoreline as my subject.

However, nature had other plans, as the ever-present seagulls swooped and soared overhead, refusing to be excluded from the narrative. Embracing their unexpected intrusion, I embraced their presence, incorporating their graceful flight and raucous calls into the composition, adding a touch of whimsy to the otherwise austere scene.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the beach, a poignant discovery caught my eye—a lone bunny, abandoned and forlorn, nestled among the slats of a weather-beaten bench. My heart ached at the thought of the child who had lost their beloved toy, undoubtedly distraught and inconsolable. With a pang of sadness, I hoped that they would soon realise their loss and retrace their steps, finding solace in the reunion with their cherished companion.

By David Levine

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