Alex Binni

Alex Binni

In the vibrant chaos of punk’s rebellion, the canvas of art school briefly allured me, even as the intricate world of medical illustration beckoned. But it was the relentless itch of tattoo artistry that truly captivated my spirit, seizing hold of me in the late ’80s and refusing to let go.

Venturing across oceans, I found myself amidst the pulsating energy of L.A. during the early ’90s, a time of creative ferment and endless possibility. It was there that the seeds of my passion took root, eventually blossoming into the renowned haven for ink enthusiasts – Into You Tattoo in the heart of Clerkenwell, London – a sanctuary etched with the essence of creativity and adorned with the stories of countless individuals.

Celebrated as “the seminal tattoo institution,” our legacy endures, thriving through the years with a dedicated team of ten, each bearing their own unique brushstroke in the grand mural of our artistry. Yet, as the sands of time shift, my role in tattooing has transformed into a part-time pursuit, allowing me to explore other artistic realms. Printmaking has become my sanctuary, a realm where I weave stories and craft visions beyond the realms of skin and ink.

Amidst this artistic journey, the siren call of the coast beckons, inviting me to revel in the serenity of crashing waves and the salt-kissed breeze. And amidst it all, my anchor remains firmly entrenched in the warmth of family – cherishing moments with my kids and the companionship of my beloved wife, who has been a constant source of inspiration and support throughout this colourful odyssey.

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