Who are you?

Who are you? a photographic series was exclusively shot for my Italian exhibition back in 2015. The project commenced in 2014, spanning over six months, maintaining consistent camera and lighting settings throughout. A process I had never used before. In fact, I would always use different settings every shoot, so the concept of working from predetermined written down settings was a bit strange.

Long before, a concept brewed within me, a desire to venture beyond a career fixated on perfecting appearances. This longing for change crystallised amidst the changing tides of social media, altering our perception of images into fleeting glances, devoid of deeper exploration.

Thus, this venture emerged, an array of anonymous portraits devoid of names or biographies, aiming for pure visual impact I exhibited these images of over a metre wide. My intention? Encouraging viewers to dwell beyond the surface, transcending brief glimpses and captions.

Within the exhibition, the subjects’ were numbered alongside the art. Only upon departing the venue did visitors receive a brochure disclosing the full identities. The objective? Provoking a reevaluation, a second contemplation enriched by newfound knowledge.

I watched many returning to re-view the exhibit once given the broacher. I challenge you to NOT CLICK until the end of your viewing.

by David Levine


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