Pollard Berrier

Pollard Berrier

Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Boulder, Colorado, Pollard Wright Berrier emerges as an American vocal virtuoso, etching his musical journey with resounding depth and transatlantic allure. Born on the auspicious day of October 10, 1978, he breathed in the mountainous melodies of Colorado before transposing his harmonies to the enchanting tapestry of European soundscapes.

His melodic odyssey unfurled through diverse collectives, first finding resonance as a luminary within the Bauchklang enclave before transcending boundaries to become an integral part of the transcendent Archive collective.

The enigmatic fusion of fate and artistry led Pollard Berrier to the doorstep of Archive in 2005. Armed with a trove of sonic marvels encapsulated within his demos, he serendipitously crossed paths with Darius Keeler and Danny Griffiths, the visionary architects behind Archive. In the wake of singer Craig Walker’s departure, fate seemed to align his musical constellation with that of the collective [citation needed], ushering him into the luminous realm of Archive’s sonic narrative.

His inaugural imprint on the Archive canvas materialized in the evocative album “Lights” in 2006, a precursor to an enduring legacy woven across subsequent masterpieces. The symphonic saga continued to unfold across pivotal albums, including the immersive opus “Controlling Crowds” in 2009, the magnetic allure of “Controlling Crowds Part IV” (highlighted by the anthemic single “Bullets”) in the same year, the hauntingly introspective “With Us Until You’re Dead” in 2012, followed by the enigmatic allure of “Axiom” in 2014 and the spellbinding “Restriction” in 2015.

His artistry extends far beyond the realms of vocal resonance, permeating the very essence of Archive’s sonic fabric. He engages ardently in the composition, penning evocative verses and crafting mesmerizing melodies. Yet, it is not merely through words and vocals that he leaves his indelible mark; his nimble fingers find solace in the strings of a guitar, adding poignant strokes of musical brilliance to the collective’s sonic tapestry. In every note, in every chord struck, his essence reverberates—a testament to his multifaceted prowess within the heart of Archive’s symphonic odyssey.

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