Saffron Spracking

Saffron Spracking

Saffron’s musical journey spans a constellation of collaborations and solo ventures that have woven her into the tapestry of diverse musical realms. Her dynamic presence graced tracks with legendary bands, such as her appearance alongside The Cure on the riveting “Just Say Yes.” Prior to this, she lent her voice to the Prodigy’s rendition of L7’s “Fuel My Fire,” a standout on their 1997 album, “The Fat of the Land.”

Her musical odyssey extends further, embellishing tracks like Deepsky’s “Smile” from the compelling 2002 album “In Silico,” Jeff Beck’s resonant “Pork-U-Pine” featured in the 2003 album “Jeff,” and a trifecta of soulful contributions to Junkie XL’s songs – “Crusher,” “Spirits,” and “Beauty Never Fades” from his 2003 album, “Radio JXL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Cabin.”

Venturing into solo performances, Saffron mesmerized audiences with a captivating show at London’s 100 Club in November 2015. Her musical prowess, amplified by guitarist Darren Beale and vocalist Mel Sanson, continues to enthrall audiences, both alongside Republica and through her solo showcases, often embellished by special guest appearances.

In April 2016, she curated a dynamic solo band, assembling an ensemble of virtuosos including Tony Feedback, Piers Gielgud, Brad Walkhouse, and Josh Collins. Occasionally joined by Darren Beale, this ensemble debuted at Polyfest 3, dazzling the audience with a vibrant fusion of X-ray Spex classics and Republica hits.

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