Jack Steven

Jack Steven

Jack’s illustrious career spans over four decades, an indelible mark etched across the global canvas of the music industry. His journey, a testament to unparalleled expertise and visionary leadership, commenced in the pivotal era of 1970s music, where he served as the International Manager and Professional Manager for industry giants like Essex Music, Dick James Music, and Chappel Music. Steering the publishing endeavors for legendary acts including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, TRex, Elton John, and revered songwriters like Terry Britten (known for Tina Turner’s hits) and Geoff Stephenson (associated with Barry Manilow), Jack laid the groundwork for his legacy of excellence.

Transitioning seamlessly into the dynamic landscape of the 1980s and 1990s, he assumed pivotal roles as the driving force behind the A&R divisions of Paramount Films, RCA Records, CBS Records, and MCA Records. Within these spheres, Jack’s discerning eye unearthed gems in the form of diverse acts such as Eurythmics and Sade, showcasing his unparalleled talent for talent-spotting. Moreover, as a product manager, he orchestrated the successes of luminaries like David Bowie, George Michael, and Musical Youth, shaping the very fabric of musical history.

The dawning of a new millennium witnessed Jack’s entrepreneurial spirit take flight as he founded his independent management production company. Under his astute guidance, rising stars like Jay Kay of Jamiroquai and Dorren Waddle of Soul to Soul found their paths to stardom. His visionary touch extended further, cultivating the music label of the revered Ministry of Sound while spearheading the Session Series as its Executive Producer and catalyst.

In recent years, Jack’s legacy continues to flourish as the architect behind his new music company, “Kuba Music.” This venture has become the incubator for emerging talent, nurturing and fostering acts that are the vanguards of musical innovation, including the likes of Apartment, Ashock, and the incomparable Florence Welch, now revered as Florence and the Machine. Jack’s unwavering commitment to musical excellence and his uncanny ability to spot and develop talent serve as an enduring testament to his formidable legacy in the realm of music.

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