Marionettes and Other Ghosts of Vision


Marionettes and Other Ghosts of Vision explores the inherent performance exchanged between my Self as an observer and my Subject, an imagined Persona. These staged photographs celebrate the genius of collaboration emboldened by the intensity of the environment and the energy of each moment. 

My love for film scenes and gritty cinema inspire these character portrayals and reflect the visceral experience that takes over my senses while engaged in the elusive magic of bringing an image to life. 
Photographed in the spring of 2013 at the abandoned Linda Vista Community Hospital ~ Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California. The Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital closed its doors in 1991 and was used as a set location for many commercial and film productions over the years. The building was sold in 2015 and renovated into the Hollenbeck Terrace senior living facility. Having spent ample time roaming its eerily decorated halls I cannot imagine anyone taking up residence in its surely haunted rooms. 

The Exhibit



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