Naomi Olson


Flora Studies: Monochrome

This collection uses experimental photography techniques to create abstract images of tropical plants and flowers. My idea was to create dynamic movement within the still frame. Capturing subtleties, shapes, and form in a beautiful flow like dance. An invitation to the viewer to see something familiar in an entirely new way. 

Naomi Olson is an American born, multi-disciplinary artist with a rich film and photography heritage. She studied experimental film with Stephanie Barber, cinematography with masters Vilmos Zsigmond and Yuri Neyman at Global Cinematography Institute. Her photography mentors were David Ulrich, author of ‘Zen Camera’ and Paul Chesley of National Geographic.

Her poetic, ethereal work revolves around digital & film photography often including experimental techniques, long exposures and superimposed images. She has been featured in Club Monaco, published in editorials, exhibited internationally and was recognized by the Honolulu Museum of Art for her documentary project “Seeing Through the Heart: Portraits of the Blind in Hawaii”

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