Pauline Ford

Pauline Ford

Embarking on the post-school journey at a mere 16 years old, my sole ambition was to dive headfirst into the world of work. Dreams of donning a police uniform danced through my mind, a desire rooted in a craving to uphold justice. However, reality soon dawned upon me – my spirit simply refused to march in line with every order without contemplating their essence. Thus, the dream of law enforcement gradually dimmed and faded away.

It wasn’t until fate intertwined my path with that of my incredible partner and the milestone of turning 40 that a seismic shift in my life’s trajectory emerged. Over two decades spent toiling for others finally culminated in a resolute decision – to bid adieu to the familiar and embrace the sun-soaked embrace of the south, where we birthed Florian, a wondrous emporium teeming with florals, gifts, and treasures for the home.

This leap of faith, this plunge into entrepreneurship, has proven to be an unparalleled adventure. Proudly woven into the fabric of our community, the sense of belonging and contribution feels like an irreplaceable achievement. But that’s not where the story ends.

From the seeds of Florian blossomed yet another venture, Vintage Bird Brighton, a haven for the nostalgia aficionado within me. Here, nestled among the eclectic array of vintage furniture, intriguing curios, and cherished pieces from across the European landscape, I find myself lost in a time-traveling reverie. The joy of unearthing forgotten treasures intertwines with my passion for travel, as I seek out kindred spirits who share my deep affection for the stories whispered by these aged wonders.

Yet, amidst the whirlwind of entrepreneurship and the enchantment of antiquity, my heart finds solace in simpler joys. Whether capturing fleeting moments through the lens of my camera, savouring the diverse tapestry of cuisines, or doting on our mischievous four-legged companion, Prudence, my soul revels in the warmth of friendship, the laughter of family, and the quiet contentment found in life’s simplest pleasures.

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