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Andrea Pritchard is an accomplished photographer and visual artist with a diverse background in various visual arts disciplines, evident in her vibrant and impactful imagery. Her photographs skillfully capture emotive and poignant moments, reflecting the essence of immediate energy. Andrea has a particular fondness for black and white imagery, often exploring abstract noir elements and experimenting with figurative montages. She holds a Graduate Degree in Visual Journalism and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal.

Her artistic journey commenced in early childhood, and at the age of seven, evolved to a passion for photography which has been a constant thread throughout her life. Andrea has served as a designer, art director, and creative director, and as a fine artist, she explores various mediums. She passionately delves into the convergence of photography and mixed media arts, particularly oil painting. Her images adeptly depict and capture evocative, emotional moments, characterized by strong visual expressions.

Andrea’s work has been showcased at the National War Museum of Ottawa’s “Vimy – Beyond the Battle” exhibit and recognized by the Nikon Ambassadors program. She’s been featured on platforms such as NeoModern San Francisco, Get the Funk Out LA, International Center of Photography NYC, and more. Her exhibitions span diverse locations, including Concordia University, John Abbott, Desjardins, the Segal Center, The Story of the Creative, and Black Box Gallery NYC. Notably, her album design work for April Wine earned JUNO nominations.

Beyond still imagery, Andrea is the creative force behind the award-winning documentary “RISK: Women on the Frontline,” where she serves as the creator, producer, and director. This showcases her unique blend of expertise, creativity, and a deep passion for storytelling, leaving a lasting impact on both the art and photography landscape.

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